Saturday 7 PM

We had another warm day of skiing but with happy skiers. The skiing was with spring like conditions, corn snow power-tilled, not icy and not firm and fast. Classic skis on waxless skis did the best today with about 50 km of fresh tracks to ski on. Skaters were OK but softer and slower conditions in the afternoon. It rained again today off and on. Groomers will be back out in the early AM

Friday 5 PM

We had a good day of spring type skiing today, the best skiing was in the morning from 9-1 PM. We groomed with the Pisten Bullies on the combo trails 2 passes. We did not groom the Highlands or Pelty this morning. Wide Track groomed all the classic only trails and they were skiing well.  We plan to groom about 50 km again in the AM . The skiers were happy with the conditions today. The rain this afternoon was light  but it did rain.

Thursday 8:45 PM

I am just coming in from checking the trails and they did hold up just fine today with the temps hitting the 40’s. With the daily grooming the trails are like a glacier and hold the cold. We have the Pisten Bullies ready to head out in the AM to regroom and the classic only groomers heading out too. The temps are 32 now  and the trails are solid.  We do not close the trails for warming conditions. We just regroom as needed and possible.

Wednesday night 10:30

I am just coming in from a grooming break; The trails are grooming up like mid winter! The Pisten Bully is pulling up cold dry powder fro below and the trails are looking super. The Classic only groomers are heading out in a few hours.

Jan 17 Tuesday

familyWe had a great day of skiing with sunshine and mild temps..We groomed most of the combo trail this morning and we ran the PB on Windy Ridge to firm it up and flatten it out… The picture  is the group that has spent MLK weekend with us for the last 13-14 years…..they have sure grown!

Many questions on the weekend forecast and grooming…..

We groom until the snow is gone or the last weekend of March 26th this year.

We do not preserve the snow if it gets warm by closing, we have equipment to remove frozen ruts etc.

If it rains…..we  groom the trails when it freezes to prevent icy conditions.