Happy Thanksgiving

Great skiing today, we completely regroomed and trackset 38 km this morning after the snow stopped. Super skiing, lots of snow , firm trails and pretty scenery with the new snow on the treesphoto

6 more inches

Just coming in from grooming with the Pisten Bully. The the snow does not stop, We will be back out in the AM . Trails open daily at  9 AM including Holidays


12 more inches

We received about 12 inches of snow last night and we regroomed about 35 km today, not all of it got tracked but we did have some nice skiing. We will be out with a full crew in the AM regrooming.

Back to winter

The temps dropped today and the base froze back down. We received about 6 inches of snow so far and the trails should groom up well in the morning.

Monday AM

The temps are down at 32 this morning but the snow has not frozen hard enough to regroom yet. We received a dusting of snow so the trails are not icy. We are open for skiing today/.