Thursday 5 PM

We had a good day of skiing today with 37 km of trails open and groomed. A few of the uphills are getting a bit chewed up and some of the thin areas are showing signs of wear, but the trails ended the day at 4:30 still very skiable.  We will be open from 9-12 CST Friday and then closing down until Saturday. We will see what the warm temps and rain…. if it rains, does and groom accordingly on Saturday AM


Wednesday 5 PM

We groomed after the snow stopped this morning. We had about 30 km groomed and 10 km have classic tracks for skiing today. We plan to groom another 7 km tonight so we have about 1/2 the 75 km of trails open for Thursday. The base is thin but very skiable, skiers were happy today. We had to use Ginzu knives today to reset the classic track which showed the base is about 2-3 inches. Most areas are frozen down well except the back stretch of Sulos and Highlands entrance.
Friday looks to be warming up at noon and a chance of rain, with temps cooling back down for Saturday. We most likely will close for Friday afternoon based on that forecast and reopen for Saturday.

Tuesday 4 PM

We picked up another 2 inches of snow and most importantly the temps got cold. We will be re-opening Wednesday at 10 AM. I am not sure how many k or exact conditions until we groom again in the AM but I am guessing about 30 km with some classic tracks. We will be open on the Thanksgiving Holiday as well 9-4:30 and hopefully for the remainder of the season weather permitting.

Monday 9 AM

Ski Trails and ski shop are closed for Monday and Tuesday due to warm temps forecast for Monday and Monday night. We hope to reopen Wed or Thursday.