Winter is here to stay

Skiing has been super! The trails are flat and smooth and firm after many cycles with the groomers.

Lots of concern from the folks down south about the forecast. I see that there is a chance of rain Sunday 30%. I really do not think that if it does rain that it will be an issue for the trails. We have plenty of base to regroom and we have the equipment to handle it.

No Deer Hunting here

Lots of questions on deer hunting. We ar eon private land that does not allow deer hunting.

We firmed up the snow again this morning with multiple passes of grooming and the PB. It has been super skiing.The Hilltop is open for the weekend.

1 more foot of snow

We woke up to another foot of snow and it is snowing hard. The groomers are heading out and we should have 10-20 km regroomed by 9 aM when we open


More snow to groom

We finally had a morning to take off from grooming so we started shoveling the roofs…in November!

The snow started at 9 AM and we picked up about 5 inches so far today. We will have a full fleet on the grooming again in the AM. 

OPEN HOURS :We are open daily at 9 AM until the snow melts in late March. We are open Holidays, We are open Weekdays, We are open Weekends, we are open when we have snow. We have snow. We never open  for skiing before 9 AM.  We have the back room open for skiers to change in at 8:30 AM and the ski shop opens to sell tickets at 9 AM CST. Please do not ski before 9 AM, it makes the owners crabby!

Just coming in with the Pisten Bully

The trails groomed up well this morning. Skiing was super today. I am just coming in from grooming tonight with the PB. We are headed back out in the morning to regroom classic only and complete the PB Grooming