9 PM Sunday March 22, 2015.

We had a great season of skiing  128 days of good to excellent skiing Nov 13th to March 22 and daily grooming. As I gromed the last few k of trails this morning it was a bitter sweet.

We had good spring skiing this weekend. We have to close when we can not provide fun and SAFE skiing every day. With the thin base on downhills and south faces, strong spring sun, and the Montreal River rising with the warm temps, we are closed.  As a Corporation we have to answer to our insurance company, accountants and board of directors.  We charge a trail fee and expect that we can provide you with a good to excellent skiing experience. 

We want to thank you for your business this season and hope that you have a safe and healthy summer.

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Saturday night 10 PM

Just coming in from grooming with the Pisten Bully. The trails tilled up perfect.  I groomed about 3o km of trails tonight and will be back out in the early AM if needed,

Saturday 5 PM

We had a super day of skiing today…we saw many skiers we had not seen all season. The trails tilled up well wih the dusting of new snow. I will be grooming for the last time Sunday AM for some good spring skiing again on Sunday. We will be closed in the ski shop and for skiing Sunday at 5 PM.

Friday 7 PM

We had a good day of skiing today…not crowded today because the forecast said it would rain today. We had great spring skiing till 4:30 when the rain started. It appears tht the rain stopped and temps are dropping. We plan to regroom the trails early in the AM as the temps will continue to drop with the Pisten Bully.  Forecasts call for for 1-3 inches of snow overnight…..We plan on grooming and skiing thuru Sunday. Monday we will be closed.

Thursday 8:30 PM

Coming in from grooming tonight. We groomed about 30 km of trails tonight including  Hemlock, Jack Pine, White Pine, only 2 bare spots on Hemlock on the return, (easy to avoid using the River Trail for 100 yards along the River). The wide trails Pisten Bully groomed trails are holding snow very well.

The trails are covered with a few thin areas on the south slopes but very nice skiing. We will head out to the Highlands in the early AM to see if we can get them in shape for the weekend.

We plan to be open thruough the weekend closing at 5  PM Sunday.