Sunday 6:30 PM

We had another great day of skiing today! It snowed another 3 inches today, 65 km of trails this morning, the skiing was super! We are heading out again in the early AM to re groom and skiing should be perfect at 9 AM!

Saturday night 7 PM

The new 12 inches of lake effect snow made many skiers happy today, We groomed up 65 km of trails and it is skiing well and is well covered , with todays traffic the down hills got snow plowed off  but the groomers are heading out to re-groom tonight.

Friday 10 PM

The lake effect snow continues to come in force, we have gotten about 6 -8 inches today;  I am just coming off the Highlands packing and freezing the wet area that is the entrance. The Highlands area looks like it is well covered and should groom up well in the AM . Groomers to the south have been working on the trails that were flooded and reporting back they should be ready for AM skiing at 9 AM.  I have not heard back fro the single track groomers. One of the PB’s is just coming off Cherry and reporting excellent conditions on Cherry and Peltonen.

2nd shift groomers will be heading out soon to complete the grooming. It looks like we should have about 60 k groomed up by 9  AM.

Friday 6 PM

2-3 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday and 3-4 inches of lake effect snow today! We had a great day of skiing today on the trails open and groomed  and saw many Bibs from the Birkie! The new snow groomed in well again this morning and then it snowed all day. We are heading out tonight to try to reopen the South and North that were flooded from the River rising. Groomers will be grooming to provide as many k as possible for Saturday. Not sure we will get all 73 km open but hopefully we can get 40-60 km open. I will report in the AM on exact trails open or check in at desk. The snow skied well today, many happy skiers.

Lynn Ellen Schmidt you left something here.

Friday noon

We groomed up 20 km of trails this morning and reset some new tracks. The new snow has been light but steady all morning. We are open for skiing 9 – 5 daily CST.