Friday night 5 PM

We had a good day of skiing on 35 km and grooming  73 km today. We received about another 10 inches and the groomers were out on the main trails till 10 AM regrooming and retracking and then we worked on Peltonen Passout and the Highlands the rest of the day. We plan to open these trails Saturday to have about 50+ km open. The classic tracks turned out real nice today and the wet areas are feezing down nicely.

Friday 5 AM

another 4 inches overnight! groomers are heading out.


Thursday 7 PM

3 of the groomers grooming the snow this morning on River Trail

3 of the groomers grooming the snow this morning on River Trail

Yes winter has arrived! 12 inches or more came down today and we are packing every flake as it falls.  8 of us worked all day on the snow today… We have been packing all 73 km of trails and are skiing on about 1/2. the cold temps ae freezing the base down in the wet areas. “Wide Track” even set some track today mid-day. Groomers are back out in the early…early is still snowing tonight!

Thursday 5 AM

It is snowing and we received about 4-5 inches overnight. The groomers are all out and we are getting the trails in shape for skiing this morning


Wednesday 4 PM

We spent the day rolling and packing 60 km, about 1/2 appears to be skiable with the current snow conditions. We have a full groom team on for the early AM and plan to open at 10 AM Thursday